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Time savings per operator per day
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WDS speeds the flow of interactions between a principal and authorities
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”WDS” is focused exclusively ; as Port Agent at all Libyan ports & terminals your team will be free to focus on other important tasks because our team of skilled knowledge workers will manage every painstaking detail. Helps strengthen the principal/authorities relationship. In everything we do, we work closely with authorities and principals to raise standards in the industry and help build strong and open working relationships. ”WDS” speeds the flow of interactions between a principal and authorities. We increase operational efficiency and transparency throughout the disbursement account process for principals.

We understand that the authorities have relevant questions and specific issues in working with ”WDS”. The Authorities Relationship Management (ARM) department is dedicated to serving the needs of related authorities.

Should specific problems or issues occur, our team is ready to assist you on an individual basis. We also encourage you to suggest ways to improve the system based on your personal experience.


Our mission is to increase transparency in the disbursement account process, create operational efficiency, and improve the price-value relationship for both principals of shipping companies. Since its founding in 2018, ”WDS” has helped customers transform port cost management practices and establish new standards for efficiency and oversight.

Our first commitment is to our customers.
As a ”WDS” customer, you can depend on us to streamline operations, provide objective oversight, protect confidential information, and navigate complex regulatory issues. ”WDS” is fully independent, with no financial connection to port suppliers and/or shipping companies.


One of the main functions of ARM is to assist in solving specific issues between you, and the authorities. System wide, we also analyze recurring issues to determine their root cause and find a permanent solution.

Each of our customers/principals works with a dedicated ”WDS” team that is available 24/7.

Efficient Cost management is our full time job
Your operation team will have more time for other important tasks because our team manages all the crushing paperwork and handles every excruciating detail of the entire process. From port call creation to voyage closing and ”WDS” ensures greater accuracy and efficiency, cost control, scale benefits, and regulatory compliance.



You’ll work with a dedicated ‘’WDS’’ team that knows your business and follows your instructions to the letter. ‘’WDS’’ employees experienced, internationally educated knowledge workers who focus on detailed scrutiny of every operation and who understand inner workings of ports of Libya.


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